The BERNARD Gruppe has concluded a framework contract with the city of Potsdam, Germany, for the traffic engineering design of traffic lights.

The city of Potsdam is controlling approx. 120 roadside traffic light systems. The use of these traffic devices requires traffic regulations, as traffic lights have a direct impact on traffic flow. The regulations to be issued by the city of Potsdam include the signal planning with detailed control specifications for each individual traffic light to assure road safety and traffic flow. In order to fulfill the aforementioned obligation, the city of Potsdam requires traffic engineering design services at irregular intervals. For this purpose, a framework contract was concluded with the BERNARD Gruppe for the design of new traffic light systems, as well as for the redesign of already signalized intersections in the urban area of Potsdam. The contract was awarded within the framework of a Europe-wide public invitation to tender.

The services to be rendered comprise preliminary design, permit application design, execution design and final inspection with regard to traffic engineering. The services will be adapted to the special requirements of the design of traffic light systems. With the completion of its design, the
BERNARD Gruppe is providing the digital supply data of the individual traffic light systems so that they can be directly included in the central data storage of the Potsdam traffic system management (Sitraffic Office – Yunex Traffic – A Siemens Business).

Matthias Eirich, BERNARD Gruppe