Various traffic management strategies are being implemented as part of the Regional Mobility Platform (RMP) project of the Verband Region Stuttgart. The BERNARD Gruppe supports not only the city of Leonberg, but now also Waiblingen, Fellbach and the Rems-Murr district.

The designated region is characterized by frequent and recurring traffic congestion on the interstate and major road network. In order to counteract this, it is planned to network the traffic light systems. The traffic data is evaluated centrally and based on this a strategy is selected from various predefined situations. In addition to local optimisation of the traffic signal control systems, BERNARD Gruppe is also implementing a “green” and a “yellow” strategy. The green strategy involves optimising the flow of traffic in the cyclically recurring peak traffic periods. The “yellow” strategy, on the other hand, focuses on unplannable events in the higher-level road network, such as closures due to accidents.

Tanja Weidemann, BERNARD Gruppe