The symbolic tunnel opening ceremony for the north portal of the Brenner Base Tunnel was celebrated in Innsbruck’s Sill Gorge on 28 October 2021. In this lot, the BERNARD Gruppe is responsible for site supervision, contract management and coordination of work site activities (in cooperation with Geoconsult and IGT).

In addition to representatives of provincial and city politics, spiritual dignitaries of the Wilten monastery attended the ceremony, as well as tunnel godmother Katharina Willi, the mayor’s wife, who took on the honorable task of praying for a good and, above all, accident-free success of the upcoming tunnel driving work. The main portal of the Brenner Base Tunnel, together with the two new railway bridges, the portal of the Silltal approach tunnel at the foot of the Bergisel (Innsbruck direction), the 200m long retaining wall and the integrated footpath into the rear Sill Gorge, form an “ensemble” that is challenging in terms of construction engineering.

The site supervision experts of the BERNARD Gruppe are significantly contributing to the success of this challenging project section directly at the gates of the Tyrolean capital.

Stefan Dietrich, BERNARD Gruppe