Since 07.10.2021, after three years of construction, the new DN 3000 sewer in Landsberger Strasse has been successfully connected to the Munich sewer network.

Since 2018, BERNARD Group has been commissioned by Münchner Städtentwässerung with the supplementary management and local construction supervision as part of the Landsberger Straße sewer network renovation. This construction measure serves to relieve the sewer network in the area of the Pasing and Laim districts. The construction of the 2.2 km long sewer was carried out using underground construction methods.

The services provided in the context of supplementary contract management included, among other things, checking the execution planning for plausibility, completeness and supplementary contract potential, consulting in technical contract management, assisting in the procurement of pricing bases, checking the possibility of counterclaims, negotiation management and the preparation of audit reports.

Wolfgang Holzer, BERNARD Gruppe
Photo: Münchner Stadtentwässerung