The BERNARD Gruppe has been advising the municipality of Albbruck for many years on traffic issues in local development and has now submitted the “Transport” section for the master plan specification as part of a planner consortium for the Gesundheitspark Hochrhein.

On the extension area of the former paper mill located directly on the Rhine, the new central hospital for the district of Waldshut is to be built by 2028 under the name “Klinikum Hochrhein (KLHR)”. The hospital will be accessed via a traffic-calmed park avenue and a plaza in the inner area and will be connected on both sides. Accessible via this avenue, the central five-level parking garage will not only offer 1,120 parking spaces but also provide noise protection from the B34 main road.

For central facilities such as the Gesundheitspark Hochrhein, two connection points are absolutely necessary in order to be able to direct traffic accordingly and to ensure accessibility at all times. From the point of view of traffic planning, the intersections should be designed as partly grade-separated intersections, signalized at-grade intersections, or roundabouts, depending on the expected expansion of the B34 main road (possibly also as A98 motorway). be able to. The fact that the hospital is still in the project planning phase should not restrict the possible expansion of the road, whether as main road or motorway.

In addition to good accessibility by motor vehicle traffic, the clinic will also be intensively integrated into the regional and local pedestrian and bicycle path network in order to promote sustainable mobility. Part of the master plan is the connection with the cycling path Hochrheinradweg and several attractive local connections. The connection of a bus line is also planned.

The master planning in cooperation with the architects Baldauf Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Stuttgart, is, on behalf of the district of Waldshut, being developed into a functional performance specification for the award procedure for the KLHR and subsequently into a development plan.

Ulrich Noßwitz, BERNARD Gruppe