The BERNARD Gruppe is developing a traffic concept for the historic center on behalf of the city of Weißenburg in Bavaria. Initial suggestions were presented to the city council in July 2021.

The concept was preceded by comprehensive traffic analyses. The analyses included video-supported traffic counts at junctions on the Altstadtring ring road, the registration of number plates at the entrances to the historic center to determine the modal share, as well as comprehensive site inspections to record traffic regulation and control measures, pedestrian and cycle traffic routing and parking traffic.

The main objectives are to reduce traffic flow in the historic center, avoid parking search traffic, improve the situation for pedestrians and cyclists and increase the historic center’s amenity values. By means of a traffic model, different network scenarios were examined for their traffic impacts. It has been shown that a closure between Rosenstraße and Am Hof as well as a one-way system in the southern Bachgasse can considerably relieve the historic center and, at the same time, significantly improve bus traffic, bicycle traffic and pedestrian traffic.

In the course of the summer break, the parties concerned will deliberate on the proposed measures so that further discussion and development of the overall concept can begin.

Robert Wenzel, BERNARD Gruppe