The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned by the district office of Zollernalbkreis to carry out a feasibility study to investigate the partial three-stage upgrade of the B 463 federal highway between Empfingen and Bisingen-Steinhofen.

The high vehicle density leads to stop-and-go traffic, which in the past has turned certain sections of the route into accident blackspots.

The B 463, which serves as a feeder road between the B 27 federal highway junction Bisingen-Steinhofen and the A 81 motorway, is one of the most important traffic routes in the Zollernalbkreis district.

As it connects regional metropolises such as Stuttgart or Tübingen with the mid-sized towns Balingen and Albstadt, this route has a high daily traffic volume.

In a first step, the necessity of a partial three-lane upgrade of the B 463 will be assessed. By means of a traffic count with video technology over 24 hours and already available comparative data, the density of the current traffic volume will be determined. To this end, the BERNARD Gruppe will use traffic figures that are already available, e.g. of the Empfingen northern bypass of the L 410 rural road and its traffic effectiveness with regard to the B 463. On the basis of the evaluation of the traffic figures, the sections that are planned to be upgraded will be examined and, depending on the topographical and natural conditions, be determined for the technical and geometrical investigation.

The aim of the feasibility study is to assess the effects of the upgrade and the possibilities for its realization, as well as the accompanying circumstances.

Matthias Hermann, BERNARD Gruppe
Photo: © Vincent, Wittig (LRA Zollernalbkreis)