As part of the “Regional Mobility Platform” (RMP) project, the BERNARD Gruppe is supporting the city of Leonberg in implementing the planned measures for dynamic traffic management. The aim here is to improve traffic flow on the alternative routes of the surrounding motorways.

The traffic loads on the roads of Leonberg as well as of the northern districts of Gebersheim and Höfingen are strongly dependent on the traffic flow on the surrounding federal motorways A 8 and A 81. They are affected by general diversion traffic during peak hours, but also by diversion traffic in the event of major disruptions or closures on the motorways. The BERNARD Gruppe is adapting the existing vehicle-actuated signal programs for both scenarios. This involves optimizing the coordination of the traffic signals, as well as of cycle lengths and green intervals. In addition, an inflow control system will be installed at the entrances to the town, which, based on the current traffic volume, will prevent congestion in the urban area. Overall, the measures will lead to smoother traffic and fewer emissions in Leonberg. Finally, the integration and prioritization of public transport will be fundamentally changed.

Tanja Weidemann, BERNARD Gruppe