The BERNARD Gruppe supports the city of Limburg a. d. Lahn in the design of measures for a digital mobility portal and in the upgrade of the traffic computer to a traffic guidance system. The aim of the Limburg digital mobility portal is to attract the population to alternatives to using a personal car by bundling various options, making them more intuitively usable, and to raise the population’s awareness of alternatives. In this way, shift potentials can be exploited and a traffic turnaround can be initiated through digital developments.

The Limburg urban area is exposed to high NO2 levels due to its topography and transport network structure. In the Green City Master Plan the upgrade of the traffic computer into a traffic control system was identified as one measure. The traffic routing includes the urban network and the BAB 3 motorway, which offers a relief route for the inner city on a separate lane, thus providing an additional north-south connection between the two BAB junctions. The coordination with the respective road authorities is a particular challenge in this respect. Furthermore, on road sections that are not near residential areas, the channeling of traffic inflow into the city center via traffic signals must be designed and implemented. Another measure is to present the mobility services via Internet and apps, together with environmental information. The mobility services must be integrated into the app of the local transport system (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund) and further information must be provided on a municipal website. The BERNARD Gruppe supports the city of Limburg a. d. Lahn in this process with technical solutions and the project management for implementation measures.

Axel Küßner, BERNARD Gruppe
(Picture: © Stadt Limburg)