BERNARD Gruppe (ACTES Bernard) was commissioned by the city of Lviv (formerly Lviv) to modernize the electrical transport supply system of public transport and make it more efficient. The project was carried out in cooperation with the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology). The support services were financed by the IFC (International Finance Cooperation), which has set itself the goal of supporting the city administration of Lviv in a strategic partnership.

This support concerns, on the one hand, the remodelling of the electric supply system of public transport and the financing of new electric buses (trolleybuses with in-motion charging). BERNARD Gruppe (ACTES Bernard) has analyzed in a comprehensive audit the existing electric supply system of public transport (including overhead lines systems for trams and electric buses, electrical power supply cable network, return conductor network, rectifier stations with transformer installations and medium-voltage switchgear).

With the support of the IFC, these measures are to be implemented over the next few years. This will make a significant contribution to energy saving and the efficient further development of the electric bus network in Lviv.

Michael Schussek, BERNARD Gruppe (ACTES Bernard)