The construction section U2/18 – “Matzleinsdorfer Platz” is part of the U2xU5 intersection, Vienna’s largest infrastructure project. RED Bernard GmbH is keeping an eye on the existing infrastructure during the reconstruction of the Matzleindorfer Platz station and can – by using permanent structural health monitoring – immediately draw attention to minimal changes in the position of critical existing structures.

In the end of 2020 in the course of the major underground construction project, the Wiener Linien commissioned the engineering office RED Bernard, a member of the BERNARD Gruppe, in an international consortium with the Danish company RailMonitor and the Viennese civil engineering office VSP to carry out the overall monitoring for the extension of the public transport station at Matzleinsdorfer Platz in Vienna. In addition to the existing transfer options of this inner-city traffic junction, i.e. to the suburban railway on the upper floor and to the tram, e.g. line 18 , another attractive connection will be created in the form of new underground station.
The monitoring concept includes the permanent monitoring of the relevant track systems of the ÖBB Southern Line and the U-Strab (underfloor tram), of the supports, retaining walls and bridge load-bearing structures of the ÖBB, as well as of the bored pile walls of the U-Strab and the Gürtel underpass, which is heavily used by road traffic. A total of over 600 highly sensitive measuring sensors will be installed. Depending on the structure to be monitored, inclination, settlement, displacement and temperature sensors are used. The measurement data is processed centrally and displayed online on a dashboard.
If maximum values are exceeded beyond a defined tolerance level, the system automatically transmits warning or alarm information to the responsible parties via SMS or e-mail, enabling immediate intervention and reaction to unexpected geotechnical developments in the construction project.
Since the beginning of 2021, the measurement systems have been successively set up and the pre-measurement phase will soon be completed for one part of the measurement system.
Sonja Dallinger, BERNARD Gruppe
(Photo: Copyright: Wiener Linien/Gritsevskaja)