The city of Ludwigsburg intends to extensively expand bus and bicycle traffic in Ludwigsburg. The BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned with a partner as a joint venture to carry out planning services for the expansion of the bus and bicycle traffic.

A 10 km long public transport cycle axis through the city and to Remseck-Neckargröningen is planned, which will be rebuilt or newly constructed and partly requires the new construction of bus and cycle infrastructure on this section of the route and at up to 23 junctions. The project is intended to strengthen the existing city and regional bus lines and ensure increased punctuality and passenger comfort. Therefore, in addition to the infrastructural planning services, intelligent traffic control and priority at traffic lights have to be considered in order to provide a fluent and efficient public transport system. The aim of the project is to shift the motorized individual traffic to public transport.

Torsten Heine-Nims, BERNARD Gruppe
(Picture: City of Ludwigsburg/Werner Kuhnle)