In 2005, production began at the BMW plant in Leipzig. Since then, the plant has grown steadily and now employs more than 5,000 people. The plant site is located north of the A14 highway and can be reached quickly via the Messegelände / BMW-Werk junction. The BMW avenue runs in a ring around the plant, providing access to the plant grounds and the employee parking lots.

At shift changes, traffic congestion occurs, as at these times more than 500 vehicles enter or leave the plant within about 20 minutes. With the help of comprehensive traffic observations, analyses of the traffic-dependent light signal controls and coordination with decision-makers, a detailed obstruction and cause analysis was carried out. High time losses occur especially early after the freeway exit and at the end of the early shift when leaving the parking lot at the BMW central building.

Taking into account the perspective developments, which in total will cause an increase in traffic of around 50% by 2030, traffic-related solution proposals for an efficient traffic connection of the Industrial Park Leipzig North were developed. As a first step, in-depth traffic simulations are planned.

Uwe Frost, BERNARD Gruppe