At the Marienhof stop, construction work using cut-and-cover diaphragm wall techniques has now progressed to such an extent that the first concreting of the upper cover can begin after the diaphragm walls and primary supports have been installed.

On behalf of Deutsche Bahn, a new suburban railway station is being built at the Marienhof stop by drilling to a depth of around 40m and using a cut-and-cover diaphragm wall method. The connections to the tunnel tubes of the second core S-Bahn route will be built from this station. Besides elaborate cut-and-cover techniques, complex tunnel drilling methods are applied. The tunnels, starting from the main station and the east station, are excavated by means of hydro-shield machines. The platform tubes at Marienhof are constructed according to NATM by cyclical heading (shotcrete construction). In order to master the complex ground conditions, special measures such as compensation injections and compressed air injections are required.

In this large-scale project in the center of Munich our employees are able to bring their many years of experience and thus accompany the upcoming challengers to ensure that construction is completed on time.

Bernhard Lanbach, BERNARD Gruppe