ASFINAG, the Austrian State Motorway Company, has planned to construct the Lobau tunnel to relieve traffic on Vienna’s A23 motorway, on the A4 East motorway between Vienna and Schwechat junction, and in Vienna’s 22nd district. As a result, the existing oil and gas pipelines in the areas of the north tunnel portal and the construction site of the planned access to the tunnel of the S1 outer ring expressway have to be relocated.

The S1 outer ring expressway between Schwechat and Süßenbrunn – which includes the Lobau tunnel – will close the gap in Vienna’s transport project “Regionenring”. The completion of the motorway and expressway ring will noticeably relieve the heavily used sections of the A23 motorway and the A4 East motorway between Vienna and Schwechat junction, as well as in the 22nd district.

The new S1 expressway will shift traffic to the outer ring and guid it around instead of through the city. The S1 section north of the Danube by itself has already had positive traffic impacts. With this first section, the S8 Marchfeld expressway and the S1 junction to Aspern can be connected to the motorway and expressway network and relieve the entire region east of Vienna.

For the purpose of this construction project, several oil and gas pipelines must be relocated from the construction site in the area of the north portal.

BERNARD Gruppe was commissioned to provide engineering consulting for phase 1 of the relocation works prior to the start of construction of the Lobau tunnel. The services include permit application design, tender design, construction supervision and documentation.

Martin Tomaselli, BERNARD Gruppe