With the breakthrough in the last excavation section of the Koralm Tunnel, the preparatory work for the completion of the shell construction works was carried out.

The construction works of the Koralm Tunnel have been closely supervised by the BERNARD Gruppe since 2010. Our colleagues are entrusted with tasks of construction management and local construction supervision on the underground connection between the Austrian provinces Carinthia and Styria.

With the TBM’s final breakthrough from construction lot KAT3 to construction lot KAT2, the tunnel excavation work has been completed in full. After the dismantling and deconstruction of the TBM, the inner lining in the last tunnel section of the Koralm Tunnel will begin and be completed in the next few years. The completed tunnel shell will then be handed over in sections to the successor contractors for equipping the tunnels and finalizing the track system.

Bernhard Lanbach, BERNARD Gruppe
Image: ÖBB/Wolfgang Werner