RED Bernard is currently carrying out vibration measurements during the construction of the Wieselburg bypass in Lower Austria.

In the course of the more than 5 years long construction period, different tasks have to be mastered from a vibration point of view.

Even before construction began, the condition of the neighboring buildings was surveyed by means of crack mapping and the vibration emissions due to existing heavy traffic were recorded by zero measurements at critical points along the existing road network.

During vibration-intensive construction phases, vibration immissions are monitored in the nearest neighboring buildings as construction progresses.

In addition, the additional vibration emissions caused by construction site traffic are recorded on heavily frequented access roads to construction sites in the existing road network.

Particular attention was paid to the vibration monitoring of the Wieselburg sewage treatment plant, as the bored piles erected have a small minimum distance to the treatment towers. In order to be able to estimate the expected vibrations in advance, measurements were carried out in the project area during the sinking of the first bored pile. The resulting vibration forecast gave the go-ahead for further work.

Sonja Dallinger, RED Bernard